Monza Rally Show 2018

The Monza Rally Show 2018 took place from 7 to 9 December at the Monza circuit. Also this year, we sponsored a team: the FlaminGOs, who competed with two cars. Sunday, Michele Bartyan and Riccardo Pozzoli (WRC, 9th category and 27th overall), together with Guido and Pietro Meda (R5, 46th category and 61 ° absolute), have given great emotions to the public! On the track the two crews competed with expert pilots, pushing hard. They have managed the most difficult tests with experience and exceeding even the unforeseen events typical of rally races, centering the goal of crossing the finish line with both cars, obtaining a result in the important classification for a team to debut in this configuration. In the paddock and in the pits, pilots and navigators took hundreds of enthusiasts by hand, bringing them to the discovery of these powerful rally cars. For all there was then the opportunity for a souvenir photo with the crews at the side of the cars.

Our box positioned exactly halfway from the paddock, a few steps away from that of Valentino Rossi, also highlighted the theme of safety, helping the Red Cross volunteers to collect offers and sensitizing the public on the importance of attention and prudence to the steering wheel. A social show rally: through their respective Instagram profiles, Riccardo Pozzoli and Guido Meda, in particular, offered constant entertainment, with a live update of all the team’s activities. Followed by thousands of followers, the FlaminGOs have thus been able to involve and unite both motor enthusiasts and a more general public.