External resources

The following documents provide some contextual technical information on the securitisation of Italian assets:
Law 130/99 (in English)
Law 130/99, in force (in Italian)
Regulation n. 12175: Regulation for the interpretation of art. 2, co. 5, of Law 130/99 (in Italian)
D.M. n. 29/09 – Amendment to law 130/99 about SPV regulation (in Italian)
Bank of Italy – Circular n. 154/91 – 64th update (Dec. 2016) (in Italian)
Bank of Italy – Circular n. 217/96 – 15th update (Dec. 2016) (in Italian)
D.Lgs. 196/03 – Italian Privacy Law, in force (in Italian)
Application of Anti money laundering law to securitizations (in Italian)
ECB Euro Monetary Policy (multilingual)
Some comment and insight on pan-European securitisations may be found on the following:
Prime Collateralised Securities:
The Prime Collateralised Securities initiative (PCS) is an independent, not-for-profit initiative set up to re-inforce the asset-backed securities market in Europe
Bank of England:
New Governor’s October 2013 speech citing the need to rehabilitate securitisation
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision:
Revisions to the Securitisation Framework December 2014 (rev. July 2016)
European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority:
Discussion paper on standard formula design and calibration for certain long term investments