Managed Investment Platform

A&F has devel­oped a man­aged invest­ment plat­form which enables investors to ben­e­fit from our exper­tise and infra­struc­ture. A&F allows investors to achieve indi­vid­ual, bespoke risk-reward pro­files with­in its man­aged invest­ment plat­form. A&F’s man­aged invest­ment plat­form pro­vides access to dif­fer­ent asset class­es with sta­ble his­toric per­for­mance but above aver­age returns com­pared to the relat­ed volatility. 

A&F’s man­aged invest­ment plat­form is not a vul­ture: we do not rely on dis­tressed assets or mar­ket dis­lo­ca­tion to cre­ate value. 

A&F exe­cutes and mon­i­tors trans­ac­tions which are includ­ed in our man­aged invest­ment plat­form. One of A&F’s man­aged invest­ment plat­form com­part­ments is focused on equi­ty tranch­es of per­form­ing trade receiv­ables secu­ri­ti­sa­tions. A sec­ond com­part­ment is focused on struc­tured finance trans­ac­tions and dis­tressed assets. A&F invests its own funds in each trans­ac­tion avail­able to investors, thus ensur­ing total align­ment of investors’ inter­ests with those of A&F (and in cer­tain cas­es A&F is junior in prin­ci­ple repay­ment to oth­er investors). 

The Investment Structure

A&F con­ducts its asset man­age­ment activ­i­ty through a reg­u­lat­ed Fund, denom­i­nat­ed TRE, with more than 4 years of cer­ti­fied track record. To date, A&F has com­mit­ted funds under man­age­ment of Euro 50 million.

The invest­ment strat­e­gy con­cen­trates on per­form­ing trade receiv­able secu­ri­ti­sa­tions which pro­vide access to:

  • Invest­ments not ordi­nar­i­ly avail­able oth­er than to financ­ing banks
  • With lim­it­ed risk
  • With top cred­it qual­i­ty originators
  • With the con­tin­u­ous involve­ment of the main lend­ing banks

Pri­ma­ry invest­ments are in pan Euro­pean trade receivables:

  • Due from, or sup­port­ed by, sov­er­eign or sub-sov­er­eign entities
  • Nor­mal­ly orig­i­nat­ed by top telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions and util­i­ties companies
  • Often orig­i­nat­ed by com­pa­nies oper­at­ing in anti-cycli­cal sectors

A&F has added 35 equi­ty tranch­es to our man­aged invest­ment plat­form in a total amount exceed­ing Euro 30 mil­lion since 2009. Actu­al invest­ment per­for­mance in all 35 tranch­es has been strong — meet­ing or exceed­ing our ini­tial mod­el­ing parameters.

TRACK RECORD – Man­aged Invest­ment Platform