Specialised Investment Platform

For over a decade, A&F has developed a specialised investment platform that allows a select clientele of professional investors to benefit from its expertise in ABS and distressed assets. The platform allows access to different categories of assets, all with excellent historical performance, low risk profile and low volatility in any macroeconomic scenario.

A&F operates through the related company T3 S.r.l. acting as advisor to an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) called Trinity Fund and managed by P&G SGR S.p.A..

T3 originates, evaluates, proposes the investments to the SGR and subsequently monitors their performance. One of the Trinity Fund’s main investments’ focuses are junior tranches of securisation of performing trade receivables.

A&F also invests its own capital in the Trinity Fund in order to ensure its investors the so-called skin in the game.

Trinity Fund

The Trinity Fund has a track record of over 13 years. Currently, Trinity has AUM of over 40 million Euro.

The investment strategy focused on securitisations of performing trade receivables, which allow access to:

  • Investments usually reserved for banks and financial institutions
  • With limited risk
  • With high quality originators
  • With the continuous involvement of the bank that acts as senior investor

The main investments are in Europe:

  • With public entities or publicly owned debtors
  • Usually originated by utilities or telecommunications companies
  • Often originating from companies operating in countercyclical economic sectors

Since 2009, A&F has completed over 40 investments in equity tranches within its own fund for an amount of over Euro 50 million. The performance of the investments has always been positive, even beyond the objectives established in the investment committee.